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Problem:  The huge exhaust of CO2 caused by the trains of �Deutsche Bahn� (DB) and the embarassing try to hide this fact with pseudo-ecological campaigns.  

Current situation: 50% of the energy used to power DB trains comes from coal-burning power plants, the most environmentaly harmful power source on the planet. 20% more comes from nuclear power plants. Just 16% of the energy used comes from sustainable resources. And it gets even worser: DB actively supports and finances the building of new coal burning power plants by our friends from EON (!), currently in Datteln - western Germany (see 1). DB - it's time now to show your real face to the public.

Solution:  Smoothly change from enviromentally harmful electricity supplyment to sustainable and clean, green power. 

Idea: Ecology Class. In addition to the traditional business and economy class system, a third, ecological class is introduced.  The wagons of ecology class can easily be identified by their salient green painting and are in deed powered by sustainable resources.

Application:  At the very beginning DB substitutes e.g. one waggon of their trains by an ecological class waggon. In addition to this, DB acquires a certain amount of eco-energy, resembling the procentual amount ecology class-waggons. Explicitly, if the number of ecology class-waggons amounts to 10% of all waggons, DB covers its energy requirements by those 10% of eco-power.

Objective: 100%! Paint the trains green! It will be the customers themselves who decide at which pace the trains will change their appearance from red to shiny green; and will this happen at all? How much does the environment mean to you? The more customers who are willing to pay the small additional charge for the ecology class (around 1%), the more trains will change their appearance and, finally, the more eco-power will be purchased by DB. This in fact reduces additional ticket costs. If customers decisions lead to perfect greening of a DB train the prieces of the tickets will resemble their old, cheap ones.

In addition: The option to buy "green tickets" is already available to business clients - but it's not communicated very well. The ticket price just goes up around 1%! This means: for one ticket from Berlin - Frankfurt you would pay just 76 Cents more (see *2). We simply want to apply this strategy to private clients in an attractive and emotionally involving manner. 

People - we can change it. We are responsible. We decide whether it goes green or stays red.

Addtitional ideas to support the concept:

  • Free reservation: If you buy a ticket for the ecology class you will get a reservated seat for free.

  • Interactive Webexperience: A venue to present all the information relevant for the project to the clients as e.g. related statistics and most recent developments. How many of the 1800 DB waggons are already painted green? What happens next? Tickets can be purchased online. A place to present related eco-subprojects. 
  • Synergy Discount-Shop :  Ecology class clients get a discount on other green products.
  • Cooperation with eco-power provider:  If you are client of the eco-power provider, you will get a discount on ecology class tickets and vice versa. 

�Alternative Concept� Update:

Though we are still ambitious concerning the original idea and think that this approach falls within a scope that DB can cope with, your cry for a somewhat �easier to implement� concept did not go unheard. So here�s a small update concerning the green trains:  The representation of progress will be embedded into already available (infra)structures  of the trains. As depicted above, information signs will represent the progress of the project ; Ecology class seats will be marked on the reservation sign inside of the trains, so you can still express your green ambition to the public.  Only minor technical updates are needed.  In addition to this: Of course, we are not willing to abandon the evergreening train completely . Instead of real life trains, the green train will serve as a way to communicate the  status quo of the project to the public as exemplified in the video. Despite all of this, the intention of the project remains the same: 100% green energy and (literally) 100% green DB.

Hope you like it!  Patrick&Patrick


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