Project Footnote

The central motif of this approach is the human footprint representing the carbon footprint of every person on the planet. The idea is that people follow the footprints from nearby busy areas (parking lots, shopping centres, squares, etc.) towards the closest train station (also applicable to other means of DB transport - bike, bus,...). To keep the passers-by interested, each part of the sentence is revealed one footprint at the time. Therefore, it does not only encourage people to follow but tells them why (when the full sentence is read). The footprints are decreasing in size as they get nearer to the train because taking the train makes your ecological footprint smaller. They are also changing colour from red to eco green.

This idea communicates the message that DB does a lot for the environment, but also raises awareness of the ecological footprint issue. At the same time, it grabs the attention of the passers-by actively involving them in the message. At the end of the 'path' there would be the website where people can find out more about DB and CO2 emissions if they want, and some interesting information and compelling statistics could be offered on the train ticket.

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