The message is clear: Deutsche Bahn helps the nature grow.

At incisive placesthe DB gives away climbing plants, that are held by small rails. In this way, the DB brings out their supporting role for the environment: As the necessary support for the plant and through spending the plants. A trowel in the ground of the plant shows the URL directing to the Microsite.

This is supported by similar installations at highly frequented locations (Downtown, Train stations). Rails in almost realistic size protrude from the ground up to heaven, and form a support to it for plants beside it. A sign explains the background and leads to the Microsite.

The campaign continues on stairs in railway stations. Projectors installed on the ceiling project a climbing plant directly behind the passengers, who move up the stairs. People who enter the stairs are detected and a plant winds up dynamically from the foot of the stairs to the postition of the person This is accompanied by a projection of a stream / waterfall on the escalator next to it.

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