Stärker als man denkt


Claim and campaign idea at the same time: "Stronger than you think."

The Deutsche Bahn actively engages in numerous ecological projects. The engagement is stronger than some poeple might expect.

The campaign consits of to steps. Step1:
I use the simple message "Stronger than you think" to create a little magnetic Take-Away in form of a green branch. Inside the branch i hide a very strong neodymium magnet. The branches will be placed on metallic objects on train-stations or other public places. People who try to detach the branch will feel immediatly the strenght of that litte Take-Away. That is the moment where the message is communicated without saying anything.

On the branch is a label, having a webadresse, a game-code and a QR-Code for aditional information. Those things guide poeple to a special DB Webpage (like  where you can find infos about the DB engagement.

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