The best way to convince people for the sustainibility of your own strategies is to point to the most promising solutions.

One of the best ideas in the field of sustainibility is the the service 'call a bike' (bicycle rental) installed some years ago in big german cities by the Deutsche Bahn. This  service has a lot of potential to improve the climabilances of urban.cities, if it would be used more intensely. you just need  to register once with your mobile to rent the bike. The fee will be paid with the mobil-bill

using the bikes (and stations) of the service itself to point to the sustainibility of this source.This way the bikes working  as moving or parking billboards.

additional ideas:

at the moment there exist no link for bahnabo-clients to use this bike-rental as an additional option of transport/travel.I guess this could improve the publicity of the service.

people without bahncard recieve vouchers booking a bahn-trip.

at the moment you can place the bikes whereever you want when your biketrip is over.This provoces from my point of view a big logistic effort to recollect bikes from different places .For the customers  this is complicating the way to find a bikes because there are no certain places to get bikes.The alternative should be a net of stations - easaly bicyclestands.