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DB started the �DB Eco Program� engaging for a green future. Now DB wants to advertise for its program.

But why advertising through additional actions when the Eco-Program can do it on its own.

How? By setting up vertical gardens in �advertising spaces�. Showing in small scale what the DB Eco Program aims to achieve in big scale: Supporting our environment with some additional green lungs with all its benefits.

To get an idea of vertical gardening I recommend the following interview with Patrick Blanc, an outstanding vertical gardener( )

So what are the benefits besides supporting fresh and clean air to the urban environment and its inhabitants?

It is unique, eye catching and artistic what makes it perfect to arise lots of attention and interest.

Vertical gardens do not only have the well- proven advantage of telling direct messages through patterns/symbols/pictures/text but they also promote the sense of environmental responsibility. Strictly spoken by supporting fresh air.

In comparison to a common campaign the vertical garden-campaign is timeless. Once set up it can be used a very long time according to both visual communication and the lasting of the plants as well.

How to set it up efficiently:

To make it as simple as possible the main idea is to set up a modular system consisting of modules in A0 format or comparable . These can be set up in display cabinets as commonly used at urban transportation stations e.g..

Moreover the modules can be arranged in different set-ups according to different situations. For instance it could be used on DB-events , simply installed to house walls or even to cover construction sites.

Its impossible to set up the same amount of modules compared to common poster-campaigns, what does not need to be a disadvantage, but could help make the campaign even more special. Due to this the spots need to be chosen carefully. The locations should be well-frequented by inhabitants and tourists. These locations will be found in the big metropoles (like Berlin or Hamburg) at central places or transportation-hubs. The effect will be the bigger the bigger the leak of green areas is.

The �lungs� idea can be adopted to different other advertising-media like advertising pillars bigger formated displays or even to DB buildings (Just think about the columns of the berlin headquarter building covered by plats: �nature is the basement for our business.�)

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