Green Ribbon


I got a clever idea on this contest. It is very simple but with a huge impact on the customer. The DB and generel public already know that the DB is the best commerical-eco-friendly way to travel from point A to point B. To show that i find a simple way to involve the customer and let him feel that he is doing something good for the enviroment.

Some people want to take care about their enviroment, but did not have the time to do something or they even got no money. But some of this people you can show them that they already do something to keep our enviroment clean.

What i want to do is very simple, give every customer a green DB ribbon on one special day. The ribbon could be something else, a green wristband, kids ballons, stuff like that, but is important that it would be one thing that everybody can wear easily on one-special-day in germany. This "gift" should be given on the departure platform on big train stations or if you buy a ticket.

The green DB ribbon would be tightened on a Card with the slogan: "Und Du fährst mit" and an additional text wich decribes that all Deutsche Bahn customers are all green because they are travel with the DB and save together with the DB the enviroment (I am not a good writer so forgive me to write some clever text that come that way).

What would happen? Everybody would wear a green DB Ribbon and everybody would feel themself great because they doing something good because they travel eco-friendly. This implied that the DB provides us an eco-friendly transportations service.

I think this is very easy to handle and the cost for the red ribbon would not be a highn but the impact to the customer would be huge, i would like to see 200 people on a big train station with a green ribbon, this would be a nice picture and also a good feeling.

So let´s discuss...

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