Good Morning
This concept includes Below-the-line-Activities. A sign give them aconsistent look and feel. A modern train in front ofan abstract globe with crossed leaves.The unusual  presentation of the main-statement,- the bahn do more for nature than people knows is in focus. With an installation: Composed out of green-eloxated steel we will present the key-messages. Local passenger travic, short range transit with Car-Sharing to Airport, in E-Cars upt o other offers like emissionfree Logistics/Transportation-offerings... Die Bahn has some important things  to say! Imaginable there are a lot of variants with this clear tree-symbol:  From Stoppers with internet-Adress up to  Give-Aways.. for example a castor oil plant in the "Flinkster-Carfleet" als a the  DB-Carsharing-Program. Another Headline vor the Main message could be : "Die Bahn kommt grün." In respect to an old campaign we modify it with an ecological touch. Perhaps onan escalator with green rubber as handrail...
  Besten Dank, Senf

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