DB’s ICE dream


1. Concept
The idea is that DB comes up with an ice cream named DB�s ICE dream.
DB�s ICE dream is the key element of a cross-media campaign by DB  that will inform about DB�s efforts on reducing CO2 emissions


The name comes from ice cream. ICE is the high speed DB train and cream has been replaced for dream. This means the ICE dream represents DB�s vision: reduce CO2 for a greener world. 

2. Target Users and non-users of DB�s servicesEven if someone never uses DB he/she can still enjoy DB�s ICE dream!

3. The campaignDB�s ICE dream will be the key element for the campaign
ICE dreams can be found in every DB train station along Germany.
DB�s ICE dream (cream) is a below the line strategy that supported with above the line advertising to round it up would become a cross media campaign.

4. ToneThe aim is to inform and promote DB�s ICE dream and therefore communicate DB�s ecological engagement in an indirect, relevant and witty way. 

The effort will be communicating that by reducing CO2 emissions, DB also reduces environmental risks such as global warming. 
But, instead of just stating that DB�s aim is to have an ecological engagement, DB comes up with a product that speaks for the brand:

  • �Less CO2 = Less heat = Longer lasting ice creams!�
  • �A world where CO2 won�t melt kids dreams�
  • �Even polar bears enjoy DB�s ICE dream�

5. The productDB�s ICE dreams will be produced locally and if possible organically. This will re-enforce DB�s ecological commitment. 
DB�s ICE dream will have the shape and colors of the ICE high speed train. 
The flavors could be:
  • Organic/local yogurt (for the white) with strawberries (for the red)
  • Organic/local yogurt (for the white) with raspberries (for the red)

The pack will be made out of recyclable materials.