Attention, please.


Attention, please!
The "Deutsche Bahn" does very much for the environment. Is important to show the engagement of them, but this is not very easy. We want to show the locations wich we don't see anymore because we take them as daily.

1) Take a seat.
We worked with recycled objects from the train, to indicate the locations wich are supported from the "Deutsche Bahn".  We position seats from the train in green areas, wich invite the watchers to spend their time in the park. So you get the natural train-feeling.
2) Windows.
Through the built-on windows (possible a installation with reyclet-windows from the train) you can see the green-areas of the city.  So you can enjoy the parks and sit on the seats of the train.

3) Follow the signs.

Therewith you can find this locations, we sprayed rails on the ground of the shopping streets. If you follow them you will come to the seats and the nature.
4) Get the Cars

The last Step of our concept is tocatch the car drivers.

Therefore we made to actions to get attention. One is a filler cap label which is removable without residues but if you agree with this opinion you can keep it.

 In car parks we arranged markers which shows the way to a good future.

On the airports we show a alternative to planes.

Additional we bond stickers on the gate of the car-park with the claim.

�It´s never to late for a turning back.�


This two below the line actions indicate the engagement of the  Deutsche Bahn, which we can see but often don´t notice. So we have the chance to experience the nature which kind regards of the Deutsche Bahn.


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