Fünf Herzen für die Umwelt


"Fünf Herzen für die Umwelt" is a campaign at whose end the customers can get a �Umweltcoupon�

This is basically nothing more than a discount ticket, which can be used for traintickets of the DB and offers the buyer some kind of discount (eg 10% off the ticket price) . It contains some additional Information such as URL of the db dco program and a qr-code.
How do I get the �Umweltcoupon�?
The Umweltcoupon itself is basically just the sweetener for the customers.It can be obtained by collecting five different hearts and then traded at the ticket counter or custom-built promotion booths. G
These hearts are small flyers with the shape of leafs. They contain short and accurate facts on the environmental efforts of the DB and are placed anywhere in the major German train stations. On benches, trash cans, ashtrays, on trains, ticket machines, etc.  It is important for the promotion, that you can only get the Umweltcoupon by trading five different hearts. In this way it is guaranteed that the collector reads several different messages.
recycled paper, natural glue (fixation), biologisch abbaubare Polymere (holder)
How long does the promotion take?
The promotion campaign in the train stations is limited to 2-4 weeks. The Environmental coupon is valid for 3-6 months.
What are the benefits of the action?
# Because the little hearts are spread to every corner of the stations, they generate much attention. The people get curious and wonder what´s behind this.
# If the train is late again, is provided for employment and amusement. # Due to the personal benefits (discount ticket) the customer can gain from the promotion, in best case it will be spread among friends and family by word-of-mouth.