The brain conspiration


The brain conspiration.

This campaign's concept has a very easy implementation, it consists in the presentation of the corporate message of Deutsche Bahn AG by a poster composition (each one of them will share with the remainder a set of common features).

Graphic common features in both posters:

Each one is made up of a line of rectangular sections in the vertical centre of the poster(a geometrical representation of the railroad which is used to guide the spectator to the topic).

The background is not the same in the two plates. Both have one word below the line of rectangles wich concern the main characteristic of each sign.

And both have a footnote that consists of the company web addresss and the company logo as the primordial sign.

Reading sequence:

The passer-by up to a distance will find both posters, placed side by side, containing a similar order of elements therefore simplifying them to one.

Immediately after, by asking about this similar elements the passer-by will discriminate between posters. At first he could see the line of rectangles and together with the logo at the footnote he will associate that line to the railroad. Knowing the subject his unconscius will assimilate the words below the line (in this case those are words meaning the better qualities of this transportation). This, together the background context (a cool, clean and technical ambient) will take the idea of the first poster (company qualities).

Therefore, because of the proximity of both posters the spectator will follow the continuity of the lines of ectangles moving on to the second poster (with the green and natural background), and proceeding to the same sequence of the first poster. But this time the word express the virtue of the living in a protected and conserved environment.

At the end, in an instant, the passer-by will get the idea not only of the company advantages in transportation but also about the posibility of an protected environment.

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