The Green Kiss Cafe and/or Information Kiosk


The Green Kiss Cafe and/or Information Kiosk 

The concept and promotional strategy will be done in different stages or strategies can take a different turn of events depending on the situation or preference of DB people .

Proposed Stage 1:

First of all Creation of DB Eco-Cafe page @  ( /ecocafe.html )As soon as this strategy begin this site section will be made for this campaign and will further be updated as the campaigh continues. Maybe a memberslog in cna be made and email updates will be sent to members as the campaign progresses.

For starters-

DB will put dB eco-logic stickers in different parts of the every Train Stations along its route and in train cabins which utilizes green energy, eco-freindly devices and energy saving tips . Sample of these are as follows:

1, For Stairways - Stickers can be located on top of the step in front of the step of the stairs within eye view level once you are on the foot of the stairs.

Message can be : Use the stairs its energy saving ! Some other messages appears on all other stickers.
For more information on our energy saving and environment friendly activities please visit our website at  or .

2, For Toilets and/or Comfort Rooms- This facility uses waterless urinals and may add some other messages: Do you know that this saves us about ______? liters of water annually ! ( haven't got data on how much all the toilets in  all DB stations consumes in a year) and add  put the website address,too.

This is should be placed right in front of each urinals where it can be read by people taking a leak. ++)

3. For toilets using water treatment facilities - This facility uses recycled waste water treated by our waste water treatment facility . This can be placed on the wall on top of the toilet bowls or at  the back

4. For using the recycle bins at stations:These can be place on benches and other strategic places within the train stations and other DB facilities.
   a. Please throw your trash at our recycle bins
   b. Please use our recycle bins
   c. Thank you ! for using our recycle bins

5. For other places within DB facilities-

    -This facility uses Green Energy!
    -This Facility is powered by Green energy!
    -We run this facility on Solar energy
    -You are Breathing clean air in this facility!
and so many other eco-friendly and energy saving measures and practices that is being done by DB. We can add more later.

6. Ride the bike it saves on energy and keeps you healthy!This is just for starters which can  be implemented two weeks before stage 2

Proposed Stage 2:

Proposed Strategy no. 1 (on the 3rd week )

People using the stairs are given Green Chocolate Kisses or Candies attached is a small strip with the message :For more information on our energy saving and environment friendly activities please visit our website at  or .

People using the trash bins or had been to the Green toilets- are given free Green Chocolate Kisses or Candies attached is a small strip with the message :For more information on our energy saving and environment friendly activities please visit our website at  or .This can be randomnly given.

Proposed Strategy no. 2 (on the 4th week )

Random giving or depends on the DB marketing people's preference -The DB Green Kiss Cafe

Buttons (as illustrated). Each button has a unique number on its back because this will be their means to enter into the DB free train travel vacation packages raffle or lotto.

But this will not be announced immediately to the lucky train patrons given this pins or buttons.

Random Giving - One mean to give it randomly is by way making random green kiss marks on the backside of the tickets of any lucky train rider. The ticket seller see or find the mark onthe back of the ticket they are about to hand out to the buyer , will also give him a small folder containing the buttons and written on the folder are the mechanics of the Free train ride or vacation package Lotto.( Db has to decide which do they want to give out a free train ride (two way) or a whole vacation package) Lottery can be done in DB train Stations now it will also depend on DB on how often they want to do the raffle -Weekly? or monthly? I will suggest monthly for six months to 1 year .

Special prizes can also be given like DB Green Kiss Cafe key chains for buyers of train tickets wearing the  Green Pins. (also randomly chosen)


Other places where they can randomly give this DB Green Kiss Cafe Buttons

1. During Fairs and Exhibits  - for every 5th or 5 persons interval people coming into the fair or exhibit visitor is given this button ( meaning the 5th person, the 10th and 15th and so forth with 5 counts interval) now it would depend on DB again.

2. School entrances - same random style of giving

3. Other events- where there will be a convergence of people.

4. Tie up with other establishments- Db can also convinced other building establishments or facilities  using or implementing energy saving measures or are already green buildings  to use the stickers at stage 1 and tennants or building occupants will also be randomnly be given the the DB Green Kiss Cafe Buttons. Their facility will also be listed as Green Movers  List on  Db's website and links are also added to their websites.

Lotto Mechanics:
Drawing of 5 winners per month - using a  computer that randomnly picks out the 5 lucky winners   Draw venue:  A DB facility to be stated later . To attract people for the event. attendees are also randomly given the Green Kiss Cafe Buttons. qualified for the draw.

Another way that to draw winners for free train tickets are by choosing each 3000th train ticket buyer or patron . so every 3,000 th patrons are given free train tickets or whatever will the most viable number of people before giving out the prize . This can be determined through the pre-numbered tickets . All employees and realtives of the DB are not entitiled to win any of the prize should they be the one drawn. All Green Kiss Pin numbers are qualified for the lottery and winners shall present the pins when claiming their prizes.

Winners will be posted on the entrance of of all train stations and other appropriate venues to be decided have 3 months to claim their prize or else forfeited. Draw dates can be decided later and figured out later if DB decides to implement.

Proposed Stage 3 - By this time you are now wondering where or why the heck I named it DB Green Kiss Cafe  and also that by the end of the Month also people will figure that out too.

Where the heck is this DB Green Kiss Cafe. Well actually we can already stop it here. 

There are two ways which or to implement this stage 3 whatever DB's choice is or  DB can simply stop it here after the raffle ends.
Main reason I titled it "The DB Green Kiss Cafe is just to tease or tickle everyone's mind and imagination.

Actually this idea is a 3 in 1 idea each stage can be done separate from the other but lets move
on.. and go ahead....after all cafes are sometimes if not often times the place where gossips starts and grow.

One way is the inroduction of the DB Green Kiss Cafe or information Kiosk at all train stops and stations- this can  just be a stand alone touch LCD screen information kiosk hanging above  modular tables . 

Touch screen monitors wherein all energy saving activities and plans of DB will be shown as in shown by Flash animations on DB's website or other presentations. Also winners of the lotto can also be seen here.

Plus it can have an  internet connection linked to DB's website and to all Green Facilities and establishments cooperating with DB on this campaign.

OR We can also create a Real  DB Green Kiss Cafes and/or Information Kisk at all train stops or stations  or create  special cabins on the trains- This can be just a vendo machine with several seats with LCD touch screen monitors as information kiosk or With attendants for brewed coffees using reusable materials anf eco-freindfly materials , which can also serve some muffins or donuts  served on trays with DB's eco-friendly activities written on top.

We can arouse patronage of these  cafes by stating  on handouts  or on the kiosk screen that income from this cafe will go to a foundation for spreading the use of Green energy and eco- friendly materials to preserve our environement. In here patrons can also earn additional DB Green Kiss Cafe Pins qualified for the raffle or lottery. There will also be jars to collect  loosee coins voluntarily contributed by customers to help fund   green energy and eco-friendly activities by the foundation.

Earnings from the cafes could also sponsor campaighn strategies and bringing technologies to third world countries. 

After all We cannot just do it only here  on this part of the world   because whatever they are doing on the other side can affect the climate all over the world . Lets go GREEN and let us make Earth livable and clean for all generations to come. Thank You!!!!

I am just a newbie in here exercising my mind  and believing in the new GREEN Revolution to save mother Earth ! and I hope you enjoyed reading it as well as I did making it!