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What are your first thoughts about DB ? Do you realise DB as a green brand ?
Most people find that DB is quite expensive.  �  But DB offers, after bicycling, the most ecological public transport.  Customers are not aware of that fact. Of cause there´s still a way to go to get better and greener, but first people should widely realise DB´s sustainable engagement. 
How can this be answered and connected ?
As Patrick&Patrick mentioned in their amazing idea, there´s just a cost difference of 1% between regular tickets and carbon free ones that work with green power.
The most successful DB campaigns in Germany were "Tchibo- and Lidl-Tickets": A return ticket for just 58 �-. "Tchibo" is a well known German coffee brand,"Lidl" a cheap supermarket & brand. 
In 2006 one million tickets were sold as a cooperation between DB & Tchibo, a quarter of them were sold after a couple of hours. People waited in lines to get a ticket and even sold some on ebay. 

The idea � an amazing sustainable offer
The "Starbucks-Ticket" or "The Green Tchibo-Ticket" "Did you ever go with green power through your country ?
Using 100% renewable energy for a return ticket. Cross your country for just 
66,- euro � and go green. Did you know, that DB already is the most ecological public transport? Find more information here:"
Integrated Cross-Marketing-Campaign

Spectacular marketing cooperations have an amazing viral potential and a wide media recogition, that would be much more expensvie to reach with usual or traditional advertisement.

LIDL and DB were even noticed by the most famous german newscasts. 
Cross-marketing helps both partners. LILD could polish their image as a supermarket with cheap branded goods and Tchibo strengthen its image of cheap high quality products.
Essential for sustainability and communication is, that its true. Its not about just polishing an image or doing green PR, not about painting the curtain-wall. Sustainable campaigns will just work if the customer experiences and beliefs it.

Thats why we decided to go for a pragmatic, "down-to-earth green innovation", offering one million amazingly cheap, full sustainable green train tickets. 
References, Research and Background Information

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