baroque layered lace
baroque inspired design


richly layered lace design inspired by the music "This Morbid Coil" for rotary printing - 5 colors - tonal color-ways have 4 colors (halftones) each

Why does your design stand out?

a versatile design from elegant festive to a casual blazer, in various scales - the pattern layout and layering of the design elements will make this a fabric with maximum use of yardage.

Which kind of brands do you imagine using your design?

from . . . . . Forever 21 . . . . . . to Sacs Fifth Ave

Have you used any third-party material? Even if you've modified it, source the original here. See FAQ for details.

I used parts of 4 classical baroque design elements, made a collage and then re-drew/designed each element and made it my own - this design is copyright registered

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