Ann Lacey
Traditional and contemporary elements meet to form this high contrast design that is sure to please.


A five colour lace pattern that can be simply printed or made into layered fabrics. For best results layers can be made onto sheer fabric over a solid lining, knit into a proper lace or fully printed at low cost on one fabric. Depending on the final production approach this can be made inexpensively or more elaborately.

Why does your design stand out?

This design has a high end look that combines contrast in colour, texture, spacing, line weight and values. As requested in the brief if carries colours directly pulled from Vermeer's painting as well as modern elements. It's both a traditional lace as well as a modern visually stimulating design with texture.

Which kind of brands do you imagine using your design?

Made with the potential to be fully printed onto one fabric or layered onto several to form the full repeat this design can be used in high end designs as well as low cost production. Depending on the way it's printed I can see this in a varied market catering to those who are looking for tasteful sophisticated appearances.

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This design is fully made by Nikky Starrett.