Bring some allgäu to the cities
Bring some allgäu to the cities


The allgäu is a very attractive tourism region with beautifill landscapes, wide views, lots of attrations (Schloss Neuschwanstein e.g.) 

here are some more infos:

It may not be the perfect place to live for young person. Young people mostly what to live in big vibrant cities... But sometimes there is the desire to escape from this "big noisy caotic thing". The contest could deal with the task to invent ideas of how to creat/use spaces/events/locations to bring some relaxation to the stressed city inhabitats of course enjoyed with a fresh allgäuer traditional beer.

The task could deal with the following questions:
what should the places look like, where are they located, what is the topic/ short how to creat a unique allgäuer experice fitting to young urban inhabitants.