new beer tradition
Invent new beer tradition, connected with the Büble brand and what it's famous with


Invent new  beer-culture tradition, connected with Büble and what it's famous with. This time, it should be spreadable across the country and the target cities. The approach should be attractive for the people and making them associate special occasion with the brand. It could be weekly, monthly or annual - it's all up to you

    Task definition: we all know that our cultural traditions are serious generator of revenue for all businesses, connected with them. Let's consider Octoberfest, Christmas, Easter, Helloween, Thanksgiving or the traditional carnivals. All they make separate revenue streams for  wide variety of businesses, operating for them or just selling more around their dates. Now your task is to invent brand new tradition, based on the unique values and history of Bubble and let more people feel its unique spirit and become its fans!

In order to accomplish this task, you will need to consider the next things:

  • find the best stories about its history and research all you may find useful to inspire you about this task

  • think what could be the most attractive for the people and especially for the real beer fans:

     � some unique games

     � some competitions

     � party  with special costumes, songs, dances, foods from the region, fitting with the taste of Büble

Everythihng you could come up with as positive emotional experience would be okay if the people would love to accept it as their new Büble tradition

The tradition could be focused on many aspects � on the emotional connection between the fathers and the sons, on the emotions from the old traditions, on the spirit of the country, on the experience and the taste of the beer, on the national cuisine and the dishes we serve with Büble, on the nature the region is famous with. The new tradition could be indoors or outdoors, with family and friends. Good and memorable name should be selected for it, too.

So - there are so many great 'ingredients' so far you could use to mix this brand new beer experience! 

And could you imagine � you could be the next one which name will be known as creator of whole new beer tradition? You'll go directly to the world beer history!

Don't forget to take a glass of Büble before starting your work on it!:)