Lifestyle trend
Create new lifestyle trend for the Büble brand


Let's do what will strenghten the most the positions of Büble on the market � a whole lifestyle trend for its new and old fans

It's certainly a fact many of us realize, that the famous brands like CocaCola, Pepsi, Jacobs, Nestle have invested in creating a strong glue between their products and their clients lifestyle. We can see many exapmles about that and quickly recall the most famous campaigns seen on the TV or in internet recently. Undoubtedly, the champion in that category is CocaCola, and those of us who know their campaings from the last years, may start wondering sometimes what is in CocaCola actually selling more � the drink, or the lifestyle?

Now transferring all that knowlenge, experience and best practices to Büble as a brand, and having it's a good, old and really beloved beer, just try to think what will be the effect to the audience!

Now the task definition is: try to analyze the best lifestyle-campaign practices seen so far from the biggest beverage brands and come up with unique, but well premediated campaign tactics, which will create more 'realtionships' between Büble and its fans. Our efforts should be focused on:

    1. what are the target lifestyles of the Büble brand � for example � the hiking lovers, the eco-thinking guys, the families, the best friends who love to travel, the people who live in the cities, but rely on the quality and the traditions, anyone else?

    2. having discovered which are the most representative lifestyles for the Büble brand, now we should focus on how they could be targeted with the unique values and differentiators of Büble � maybe using some special messages/claims, doing some regular events, partnering with some existing eco-campaigns or other lifestyle campaigns, underlining Büble's values?

    We should be aware and come up with assesment how the things we propose will impact in longer term the Büble brand

    At the end you should be expected to provide the next sort of solution:

    1) type of lifestyle(s), with explanations and examples why do you tihnk this lifestyle will fit the best the Büble brand

    2) set of messages, slogans, headlines and any copy materials you'd like to addres to the campain

    3) any visual you may find suitable to prepare for illustrating your lifestyle campaign

    4) explanation of the concept and the long and short-term goals and target groups

And if you are real fan, you won't forget that if you do your job well enough, you'll remain part of the beer history!