Büble on a hiking tour round ze world.
Büble on a hiking tour round ze world starting in a country called Bavaria - a photo contest


Main aspect of the task will be a BTL campaign whereby people are encouraged to take a photograph of themselves and a bottle of Büble Beer wherever they may go, be it on top of a building, on a mountaintop, deepest Siberia, Antarctic, etc. the more remote and exotic the better the chances of winning.

The Büble is going on a world-wide hiking tour (around the planet in 80 days, maybe the length of the campaign and associated contest could be exactly 80 days), starting in Bavaria, Germany. The fact  that he is looking for is love could be the motivation behind this hiking tour (this can be used but not essential but a story round his motivation would be a good start).

The aim is to introduce him in all major cities in Germany starting in Bavaria and what better way to do that than to visit those cities on foot. No he wont be represented as a live person, he will be on tour in the form of a BTL campaign.

Photographs then can be sent via mobile or uploaded onto a dedicated site. Prizes are given for the most outragious and remote locations that are uploaded. 

Task definition:

Find a suitable motivation for his adventure, the reason why he is on this tour.

Create the BTL campaign material announcing Büble's mission to walk around the globe and the photo contest. It should target individuals who are adventures, dynamic and fresh. The image of wholesomeness and tradition should be kept in mind (no party pics but rather real boys drinking beer in the outdoors) you decide what and where the material will be positioned.

Plus create the look and feel of the site. 

In addition how would you incorporate social media functions into the whole campaign.