Büble, Büble, Büble, Mai Gott isch unser Büble siaß
Büble, Büble, Büble Mai Gott isch unser Büble siaß


Büble, Büble, Büble
Mai Gott isch unser Büble siaß
(My God, our Büble is so sweet)

Some people may remember the Song "Burli, Burli, Burli"* from EAV. It was a popular bawarian Song of the 80s. The text was very conspicuous and funny. Most of the people only will remember the Line: ""Burli, Burli, Burli, Mai Gott, is unser Burli siaß"

The Songs from EAV are very critical funny songs.
The styl is folk music. Primary the Song should bring back "funny"
memory of the past. So that the people associate great memorys
with Büble beer.

The young probably don`t know that song.
So there must be a new interpretation of this Song,
compairable with disco / folk music mix like
"We no speak Americano", "Disco Pogo" or "So ein schöner Tag".

These kind of music can reach the young very well.
Adults (regulary drinker, new costumers, and so on.)
shouldn´t deterred by this song!

You have to find a marketing strategy
how you can combine this Song with the Beer.

You can use all medias you want!
For example TV, Radio, Web 2.0, posters, and so on.

The Büble must not combined with the alcohol consumption from underaged.
It is a traditional, regional Beer, don't forget that!

Dear Jovotians, the Büble can be sweet, symphatic and lively! But most important is, that you can recognize the Büble as the Büble!

    • How the Büble can represent itself in media?
    • Start a marketing strategy, how you can combine the song with the beer
    • Use graphics and text, so that the büble gets more popular

      You can use all media you want!

The target audience are people from 18 years up to 50 years,
who drink togehter and have fun by enjoying the life.

Die Wirtin' sogt: "Aans waas i g'wiss
Dass der Bub wos ganz wos b'sonder's is!"
(The Bar Girl says, I am shure, that
our Büble is something special)


In the following links you can see materials,
Logos from the company and so on:

  • Hompage Allgäuer Brauerei
  • Crashkurs in allgäuer dialect
  • The story of Büble Bier
  • Songexamples

Have fun with this contest and good luck!