Hi, I'm new in town!
Hi, I'm new in town. Show me your city and the best places to be!


Büble is moving out from home and is excited about all the new cities he never visited before. Like everyone else moving to a new place, he does neither know many people nor lovely places to hang around.
Büble invites you to show him your personal highlights of the city you live in. Take him to partys, to the secret spot at the river wher you and your friends meet, to a romantic picnic, to a barbeque with your friends, whereever you want. And share your adventures with the Büble community.

Show him what life in a big city is like, and he will bring a lot of his charming, warm and gentle personality in your life.

The task is variable and can include many different media-solutions:

  • Picture-contest "Büble is new in town" with a big Büble-Party in the winning city as first price.
  • Facebook-Fanpage to add Büble as a friend and share the best Büble-places
  • Büble events where "new-in-town-people" and "i-know-this-city-by-heart-people" meet