Jetzt vertraust du hoit dem Büble
Jetzt vertraust du hoit dem Büble


In the todays media the young are discriminated to be very irresponsible, agressive and that they drink much alcohol.

Jetzt vertraust du hoit dem Büble

should show an intelligent young man. Anyway he should hold a Büble Beer in his hand. But the Boy must not drink the beer, he have to make a good thing with the beer, something beneficient. And it could be funny. There should be an "WOW" effect after watching the advertisment. It should be something unexpectet.

Your Task is to do:

- Make an advertisment or advertisments with all medias you want

- Don't forget that the Boy sould be responsible

- The advertisment sould make an "WOW" effekt after watching it

You have many freedoms in your creativity! Good luck with the contest!