Büble's first time!
Büble's first time! A story you will never forget...



Once upon a time Büble went out to have a walk alone for his first time, cause he is a kid, he took a little hand bag(as the antique coins bags) with some stuff inside(his father's beer caps) to create a little way back for him not get lost and can return to his house easily without problems.

He started to put this caps on the floor every certain steps(the number of his age) and enjoy everything that he saw, he was so happy and amazed that he didn't notice that he was getting far away from home.

Suddenly he disappeared and since then no one have seen him in the past 3 days� Where he is?� the people ask� Which way he took?� What was he doing in the last days?� Does he got lost or what?�

Task definition

1.- Answer creatively the following questions:

1.1.- Where he is?...
1.2.- Which way he took?...
1.3.- What was he doing in the last days and what's he doing now?...
1.4.- Does he got lost or what?...
1.5.- Is he with someone or alone?�
1.6.- He is happy or worry about getting back home?...
1.7.- How many time he is gonna be like this?�
1.8.- Does he knows how to get back home?�

2.- How this can become an impressive marketing campaign?

Create ideas of how can this catch the attention and impact the beer consumers.

Mandatory Requirements

The product should have interaction in some way in the proposals to create a big brand awareness making consumes love the Büble Beer.

Enjoy and have fun!