FaceBook game
FaceBook game about the Büble beer, its technology, the Allgäu area and the boy


Task definition: create scenario for unique FB game, based on the traditions of the Büble brand and the history and beauty of the Allgäu region. It could be FarmVille�like (Allgäu-Ville:), or focused on doing something with the technologies the brewery is using, and we definitely we shouldn't forget the Büble!:). Any nice adventures connected with him would be welcome

The purposes of the game should be:

  • to create better brand awareness and positive experience with the brand

  • to be viral and catchy

  • to sell via virtual currency some beer-coupons, which could be used in the pubs or in the sotres in our target cities. You may remember there are more tractors sold in FarmVille than in the US!

  • to be easy for playing with friends

The game experience could be enriched with additional non-standard social media activities, like using Foursquare or some popular social betting platforms like https://www.betable.com/

This will increase the involvement and raise more suspens and offline engagement