game campaign with the non-standard SM
Create surprise-making campaign,using the non-traditional social medias like Foursquare,Betable,etc.


Seeing the trend that all brands are trying nowadays to communicate with their customers via FaceBook, we often forget that there are some different social media platforms, which we may use in our marketing campaigns. Great examples af such platforms are, Foursquare,,

Now the task definition is: create non-standard game-campaign, using the non-standard social platforms. It won't be forbidden to use FaceBook,Twitter, blogs, etc. but your main aim is to create social challenge, focused on the main places Büble is planning to prove it is the new cool boy in the town:) The effect to the other medias should be additional

You could give awards, raise competitions online and offline � everything is allowed, just be provocative and make the people enjoy the new on&offline challenge:)

Examples could be:

  • choose one pub in the city, where you'll make some promotional games about Büble. Declare you'll give free beers for the Foursquare mayor of the place and to the guest with the biggest company of friends

  • open betting in Betable which will be the name of the pub � they will bet one week and will know its name 2 hours before the party

  • find some people via Fiverr, who would agree to wear Büble T-shirt all the day upon some payment of 5$, or will invite their friends to the betting and party, using FB

  • open betting in Betable how many people will be engaged with the party invitations and how many people will confirm they will come � chose what publicly visible metrics you want to make them bet about

      Treat in similar way all you want to make interesting and provocative for the people: with good 'gambling' scenario, this idea has endless potential. Let's turn any nice marketing campaign we may come up with to totally interactive marketing challenge!