The New (handsome) Büble (with nice legs) in Town
- handsome - with nice legs - in a “Büble” suit


Handsome men (~ 25-35 years old) in a �Büble� suit (shorts - This is the reason why must have nice legs ; ) It will be interesting for all: for women and gay people (handsome / with nice legs); for ordinary men - they will not interfere with his handsome look and they will feel superior - they are �not� funny dressed!!!

He appears in different places in the city before the �main� campaign. He needs to attract people's attention, and that the city people begin to talk about him.

He needs to do some ordinary things:

-         To help the elderly woman to cross the street;

-         That gives women the seat on the bus;

-         to sit on a bench in the park and feed the pigeons�


In addition to good-looking, for some ordinary things he should have some �special� knowledge:

-         If he looks at a national team game (ideal conditions) in a bar on the corner, he must know all about Gerd Müller (for example ; )

-         If he goes to the premiere of the film that won a major award (In German, is allowed to enter the cinema with hot pants? ) needs to know who Bergman, Pasolini, Tarkovsky ... If he could get meet with someone and start a conversation about the film;

-         he must have known dance if he went to night clubs;

-         �


After this (a week or more) can go right campaign. Posters, billboards, TV commercials� in which it appears �new� Büble but now it brings into context with a beer.