Die Entlassung
The jail discharge


1st scene
- Close-up prison gate (locks)
- The gate open slowly
- You see a petty crook (petty criminal) who comes out of the prison gate. suitable: a guy like Claude Oliver       Rudolph (german actor who often plays criminals); he looks like he has commited on any criminal act in the last     few years and get jailed for them.

2nd scene
- an old car stops in front of the gate
- In the scrap car sits a guy who looks just over the hill

3rd scene
- The petty crook gets in the car
� the Driver asks him "What do we do now?"
- The petty crook answered, "First to Penny!"

  Ambiguous statement !!... the viewer is now considering.
  "What are they doing now? Do they raided a Penny Markt??!.... Oh noooo, they are not such stupid!
  Or will they do it?!

2-3 other commercials are sent

2nd part
- Close-up of  Penny Market exit
- The petty crook pushes his shopping cart with a nasty smile on his face out of the market
- His waiting buddy sits on the engine bonnet of the car and asked, "Well?  How  much do they had?" (maybe: " Well? What does they have?")
- Zoom in into the Content of the shopping cart
- A current product is shown (universally used)

  others commercials

 Part 3
- The two pack their "prey" in the car
-suddenly someone calls!


-the driver jumps into the car and starts the engine
-the other crook tries desperately to open the passenger door but they stuck
-suddenly tapped him a saleswoman at the shoulder

"Sorry I'm so scared you, but you have forgotten your subscriber card for fundraising!"

re-announcement of the new collection campaign at Penny
"This time there are great cars to win again! For example, a brand new Audi A4! "