Gurken, Käse, Birnen und Eis
A scene in the bureau:


This one makes no sense in English, I´m sorry, but I try to translate it here:

The boss is shouting at his secretary:
" you stupid pickle, you only have cheese in your pear-brain. This company is soon layed on ice, what am I gonna do with you?
The secretary speaks out loud: "Pickles, Cheese, Pears and ice cream" - suddenly she stands up smiling happily: "Erstmal zu Penny" (Let´s go to Penny now!).
She leaves while the boss is staring at her irritated.

Sorry, this one makes really not much sense in English because the vedgetables and other stuff have multiple meanings in German (pear = brain, "to lay on ice" means to shut down something or stop doing sth). But I hope you get the clue :-)