Car shop
TV ad - A family goes to a car shop and buys a new car. The dealer gives back some change. The wife wants to go in Venice directly, but they have just a few penny left, so the go to Penny.


Slide 1 -  A family are walking toward a car dealer.
Slide 2 -  They are excited to see the new cars behind the showcase. One of the child says: "let's buy this one"
Slide 3 -  The wife and the two kids are testing the same car they saw from outside and they like  a lot. The husband goes to dealer and say: "We buy it" opens the  bag full of cash.
Slide 4 -  The dealer kindly thanks the fast deal and gives back some change
Slide 5 -  Family in the car, wife ask the husband if they go to Venezia (Children in background say Disneyland). Husband puts the change in the tray and say: "Erstmal zu Penny"
Slide 6 -  Erstmal zu Penny animation, than showing a bread deal.