Endlich urlaub
Once around the world, with Penny! Come with to a culinary trip around the world, with Penny!


! Characteristics of the idea!

- clear, everyday, well known situations
- works for TV & radio
- the situation is playing with issues like (holiday-) expectation, anticipation, relaxation, experience, exploring & enjoying - by the resolution "First to Penny!" the brand is charged with these features, and at the same time upgraded!
- a lot of potential for different endings / resolution / product presentation, because it works for all country (- or origin) related products, also possible for German products, of course (example coast products in the slides!!!)
- so a 'trip' to Penny is always worthwhile! 

A young, modern couple is in a travel agency. Both are full of anticipation and in holiday mood!
She: "Oh daaaarling, at last holidays!!!"
Employee: "You want to travel, where to go for it?"
He: "I like to let me surprise, what do you think sugarbaby?" :)
She: "With you, best to see the whole world!"
(the couple seems to be very happy)
So the employee startet to do proposals:
"very popular for pairs is our 2-week caribbean cruise, of course, with numerous wellness- and enjoyment offers! Included! Or memorable the experiences of 1001Night in the most vibrant cities of the
Orient!"The couple is smiling to each other!so the employee becomes even more happy, because she is  expected a very good deal today!She even makes another proposal: " Or maybe Australia, stylish of course!"..... continuing: "So you just have a FAVORITE?"the couple is answering at once: "First to Penny!"The voice of Penny: "First to Penny and discover the whole world! Enjoy every week a different country! This week culinary specialties from France!""First to Penny!!!"the two sequel spots proposals could also be an alternative end of the main spot...thanks a lot for reading!

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