Urgent? First to Penny
Urgent? First to Penny


(Husband knocking on the restroom door)
Husband: Honey, hurry up!
(Sound of wife turning off the tap, opening the door. Wife hands the car key to her husband)
Wife: Erstmal zu Penny
(Wife walks away, disappears from the left. Husband looks front and left a few times, then follows his wife hurriedly)
(Penny Logo plays)

Thank you everyone for your comments. Let me clarify what this script is about. Essentially it is saying that going to Penny is more urgent than going to the bathroom when nature calls. While the wife is using the restroom, the husband comes knocking on the door as he needs to use it urgently. His wife casually finishes up and hands the car key to him while saying 'Erstmal Zu Penny'. She may or may not want her husband to drive her to Penny right away (it's up to the audience's imagination). Her husband looks left and front trying to decide whether he is going to Penny or restroom first. Eventually he decides to go to Penny first. This implies that going to Penny is a priority, more urgent, and more compelling as though there are a lot of great things awaiting him and he can't spare even a few minutes to use the restroom in fear of missing out on something.

At the end of it all (after the Penny logo plays), we might add a short clip to show what the husband buys, to let the audience know what makes going to Penny so urgent.

Because of the silliness of this ad, it will be remembered by the audience every time they need to go to the bathroom. This will happen a couple of time a day :)