A man enters the room of a fortune teller. There are
a lot of mystical objects everywhere in the room.
He takes a seat.

The fortune teller is looking deep in his eyes and places a first
card on the table: "The sun is in 4th house."

She uncovers on more card and says insinuating : "The magician!!"

Finaly she places the third and last card. With a louder voice she says:
"The moon in jupiter!! You know what all that means my friend?"

The man: "First to Penny?!"

Ending: "PENNY has the better cards! Simply charge your Penny gift-card
on the cash-point. That's it."

Different endings are possible: Instead of ending with the gift-cards you can
also finish with the line: "For the future: PENNY. Unbelievable but true offers!"

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