Penny-die Verkäuferin | Penny-The shop assistant
The quality of fresh products from Penny market is exposed by an unusual manner.


This advert is aimed especially to the quality of freshness in Penny markets. This is done through the personification of Penny, as a beautiful young woman. The spot tells how Penny always offers her customers the best and freshest products. She uses very unusual measures to achieve this.

You see how lovely the shop assistant Penny caressing the fruit and vegetables. At the cheese counter, the cheese is hand-planed by Penny. Afterwards she talks to the meat before it is sealed. While the shop assistant goes through the market a voice over mentions at the individual stations the core features: �daily fresh fruit and vegetables�, �fresh dairy products� and �fresh meat�.

At the end the camera films over the name plate on the friendly smiling face of Penny, who suddenly gets a load of water in her face. The voice-over says: �If freshness, then�� .The Penny-Screen with �First to Penny!� appears.
Afterwards special offers of fresh products of Penny could be advertised.

The advert impresses with his witty surprise effect. It is shown that the Penny market and his staffs care especially lovingly to their products. The freshness of products is always paramount.
The humorous resolution of the spot is created by the water charge of Penny the shop assistant. Through the personification of Penny, the unusual �product support activities� and the funny ending a high attention span by the viewer is achieved. The brand Penny market is given a face with the testimonial �the shop assistant Penny� so that the customer can immediately identify with that.

Also for the other USP�s the advert can be used. The focus is always on the testimonial Penny.

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