Heimweh | Homesickness
The staff friendliness in Penny markets is emphasized by a strong emotional story.


The commercial is aimed at the staff friendliness to Penny. The main character is a cute little boy at the age of 4 or 5 years.
The story tells how the boy and his parents are moving away from their home and how he is suffering from homesickness.

Scene 1: The Story starts in the morning. You see a house in a typical urban family suburb. Moving boxes standing everywhere in front of it. A sign stands in the front yard with the inscription: �For Sale!�. You see a group of removal men loading the last furniture in a big truck in the background. In the foreground stands a car on the street. A family consisting of mother, father and a little boy get into the car. Before setting of, the family waves goodbye to the neighbors who stand at the roadside.

Scene 2: The car drives slowly out of the suburb. You see how the father throws a loving glance to the mother. The camera view switches to the backseat. There sits the little boy with the view to the rear window and looks sad after his old house. Big tears rolls down his cheeks. He is very sad to leave his home and his friends behind. In his arms he holds his favorite teddy bear that should comfort him.

Scene 3: You see how the car drives into a quiet street in the dusk. All the houses look new, big and friendly. In the background a billboard of a nearby Penny Market is to be seen. The little boy stucks his face against the back window and admires with his big blue eyes the new neighborhood. The parents take a short look to him and nod at each other with a confident smile.

Scene 4: In front of one of the houses the car stops and the parents get out. The father opens the right back door and the boy jumps into his arms with a laugh. The mother turns over and hand in hand goes the family to the house. The boy looks up to his mother and asks, with his cute voice: �What do we do know?�. The mother replies�

Scene 5: The Penny-Screen appears and a voice over says: �First to Penny. Our friendly staff are always at your service from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 10 pm.�

Scene 6: You see the happy family standing in the Penny Market. The boy pulls his parents to the fruit and vegetable section. A friendly employee hands over a bag of fresh fruit to the mother.
As an alternative special offers of Penny could be offer.
Finally the Penny logo appears.

The advert works through his emotional strength. Almost everyone is familiar with the feeling of homesickness. When watching the sad little boy you feel sympathy for him. Through the images and strong emotional background music you can empathize with the situation. The resolution of the story �First to Penny.� aims to that Penny markets are a place to feel comfortable. The friendly staff at Penny markets provides a feeling of home. Even in a foreign city Penny is a known constant, since there are 2400 branches of the discounter in Germany exists.

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