The plot: Distracted man not paying attention to his wife, by playing video games.


The frame focuses a man, who is concentrating on his video game, when his wife from other room screams worried:

- "Honey, I think that a thief entered in the house!"

- "Wow, perfect"

-"He is taking my jewelry!"

-"Is alright to me"

-"And he is stealing the car!"

- "Yes, I Know, thank you" 

She is approaching angry to him appearing in the frame and says:

- "Do you hear me?"

- "Of course, I love you baby"

At that time she realizes that he is not paying attention, making a face of disappointment, she says:

- "Also stole your dinner!"

At that moment the husband reacts and says:

- "What?! ...well, first to Penny"

The narrator says "In Penny the friendliness of staff is guaranteed"