Updated: Delicious


A man rings the door. A nice woman opens the door. Serious look at each other, as would analyze each other. Then she runs away screaming in the house and he after her. Like a game of cat and mouse. He comes to take her in his arms, and kisses, she responds with the same affection. Then, with her in his arm, revolve around them. Then they go to the kitchen. He sits at the table.

- Today I have cooked Something special! Vegetarian food!
- It's great! (but his face does not seem so excited)

In this time hers dog has a big piece of meat!
He looked with envy at the dog food. When he sees hers dog, eating with appetite its big piece of meat, he imagine for a few seconds that he is the one who licks, that piece of meat.
When he returns to reality, he asks:

- But where did you get that fresh and delicious food for Sam?
During this time dog looks at him angry and growling.
- First to Penny!

Continuation is the same. It will present a product to offer. Then famous claim.

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