Film Awards


Part 1

* Slow zoom over the audience onto the stage
* Two presenters on stage
* They announce the winner in the category of Best Actor
* the actor is surprised and runs to the stage
* he thanked the audience
* he seeks in his suit and draws a slip of paper from the suit pocket
* he reads disturbed and leans down to the microphone

"Milk, toilet paper, Spanish red wine, Argentine beef steak ......"

* the audience laughs at the alleged joke
* and he says:

"First to Penny!"

* The actor leaves the stage
* the audience is surprised
* a current offer is shown
"This week in the offer recycled toilet paper" Happy Ending "3 ply for only 1.99 �!"

2-3 other spots

Part 2

* Actor steps on stage again
* the audience applauds and believes it was just a joke
* the actor leans back toward the microphone and says:

"by the way....Penny and Rewe Group has won the Sustainability Award 2010! For Germany´s recycled paper friendly company! "

* He left the stage again
* the audience freaks out and leaves the hall towards the nearest penny market

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