A honeymoon situation


The camera shows an almost closed door of a hotel suite with a sign that says "do not disturb, honeymoon." The camera enters slowly in the room, romantic music is heard, makes a panning: is the lobby of the suite. There is a path of rose petals, several bouquets of flowers, a bottle of Champagne in a bucket, with two glass cups, a white veil on the table, a tuxedo and tie on the floor.
The camera focuses the bedroom door that is closed. Suddenly stop the music, hears a loud noise of glass thrown against the wall from the inside, the door opened quickly and focus the bride in her white dress, hysterical pushes the groom out to the floor and yells:
- "I want a divorce!" Then, she closes strongly the door leaving him out and locks.
The guy gets up slowly from the floor, dusting, buttoning his shirt, turns to the camera, raises his shoulders and says:
"First to Penny"
The narrator says: "In Penny we guarantee at least 6 days of freshness. First to Penny ".

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