An interview situation like in Basic Instinct. Following the lie detector test that showed no sign of tall tales, a group of detectives makes another attempt at questioning Ms. Schmitt/ Sharon Stone, as they cannot believe she went to Penny.


The claim 'First to Penny' is turned in that in refers to something that the protagonist did in the past, much to the surprise and astonishment of another group of people.

The atmosphere should be of classical US crime series or movies. All those who grew up in the 90s will have clear memories of Basic Instinct and what impact it had - the famous upskirt scene is left out on purpose. The lie detector and the failed test at the beginning is much more important. How can she possibly claim to have been at Penny!?

For the younger ones who grew up without Basic Instinct, the tone could be something like Law & Order New York.

Please excuse the terrible sound quality!

- 'I can't believe it!'
- 'OK Ms Schmitt, once again...'
- 'And no more jackshit!'
- 'No one's believin' ya!'
- '...where were you yesterday between 8 and 10pm?!?'
- 'Guys, how often do you want to hear it? I first went to Penny, to buy brand butter. Unbelievably cheap.'

Disclaimer: in no way do we claim any rights on the image material, which is used here only to illustrate an atmosphere and setting. Source is a YouTube Video, search for 'Basic Instinct - Detective Interview Scene 1080p HD'