Festool Slim Fold
Minimalistic , compact , light design , simple but stable folding solution .



The perforated board -  DURAMAS - a very light structure sandwich material , composed of a layer of semi-solid premium wood, glued on a core of non-premium wood like poplar for example, to form a particularly stable sandwich construction; ex:  http://www.bertjanpot.nl/?p=994

The tabel legs and guide rails - cast aluminum alloy .


-simple ,light ,stable folding mechanism for the table legs;

-adjustable height of the legs through telescopic mechanism;

-extendable aluminum table frame with telescopic mechanism for work surface extension (it can expand up to 25% or up to 50% of its standard surface , depending on the worker's need) ;

-demountable work surface , modular system with stackable panels , easy to carry  separately and easy to add extension units for expanding the surface;

-easy to transport overall , it includes folding wheels and built-in handle and it can fold in half  (suitcase system)  for even easier transport .




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