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nice task, in the german subline you wrote "Produktdesign" :(

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intersting project. I am tensely what for ideas, besides come out..

Just heard it on the Swiss radio: an interactive film project "the stolen voice" where people can decide via facebook how the story continues starts on sunday on

you'll probably not understand a word cauze it's Schwiizerdüütsch C;-)

Dear Community, to structure your idea und the description, please do use the following three questions:

  1. Problem/challenge: Which problem does your idea solve (e.g. “People don’t go and see a play because they don’t know what awaits them”).

  2. Solution: How does your idea solve this problem? (e.g. through specific publicity campaigns in the city, where people are given a sample of what awaits them in the play).

  3. Value: What is the added benefit of your idea for the theater audience?

Thanks for information! I did it. :-))))

Here´s an off-topic inspiration from the netherlands, cause i love the simplicity and effectiveness of the idea - why not giving this a try in germany?

The Theater Bellevue in Amsterdam has created a facility for parents to book a babysitter at the same time as booking show tickets:

Hey there,

We just got the compiled feedback from all of the members of the German Stage Association on Theater Inter-Action! project. They made some good points! Read on and check out what they have to say!

First, they created some questions for you guys to think about:

-Who can implement technological gadgets such as augmented reality, etc.? Is that feasible for a small or medium-sized theater? What does it cost? -In theory, it's great that the audience can interact and decide on changes within the plot. But can they practically realize the interactive elements of an established production or a well known theater piece? -In order to attract users in social networks for the theater, you need interesting,especially entertaining content (videos, pictures and stories). What are the concrete ideas on how such content can be produced for a given game plan? -How can ideas help, more specifically for theater associations, to connect the internet better and promote & show off their vast array of differences from each other? -How can you organize a flashmob and create a specific outcome or a specific topic? -How would a school group who normally doesn't decide on their own, become theater goers for themselves?

Here are some critique points:

-Submissions should include an idea on how specifically things should be staged - ie positioning, play, costumes, scenery, etc. -Almost all the "guerrilla" ideas underestimate ("We play for 2 minutes in the S-Bahn/in a public place / in the bank / library", etc.) the cost (mainly organizational effort within the theater) and overestimate the benefits of the idea- like how many people would really see & be effected by the performances. Please review your idea again & give us an estimation of both aspects. Also remember an equally creative advertising approach. -Think about how the ideas can be integrated in any given theater everyday! (Who can and would see an idea and how? Where and when to implement, and how does it work?) -Granted the project is about a city-theater space. But, what about widening the reach by including a regional integrative aspect? -Evaluate the value of the social media content. Which kinds content (ie what kind of stories) should be mentioned? What should be passed on & told? -The idea of mobile theaters is great. They could be used by different theaters or bought from the Stage Association. The Stage Association could rent them out for festivals and for even more activities. However there should also be ideas for creating a production in an existing theater establishment.

And some stuff they really liked!

-The aspect of augmented reality is for sure the hottest and coolest aspect of smart phones. Exactly this aspect is what the theaters are aiming for. Staging concepts which build on augmented reality effects would guarantee a run to the theater by people who never saw a theater from the inside before! -Especially those concepts which allow new forms of corporation between the theaters are highly appreciated! -Street theater and guerilla activities are great forms of theater! Unfortunately both don't leave a permanent mark and both are only visible for a small group of people. Those approaches are better the more they are visible afterwards and the bigger the audience is, i.e. the result is still visible afterwards or could be seen on youtube.

So there you have it- Oh yeah and we understand this is a lot of feedback, with a lot of opinions, of a lot of different people (the German Stage Association has quite a few members !) And your idea might not have do with each point but please do your best to take the aspects that approach your idea into consideration. So, with the last week ahead, let's get to it!

Thanks you Jess, we have done the best to address each of the points listed for the different opinions. We hope our explanations are helpful.


Sorry, I forgot to mention, you will find our update at the end of our idea description.

Have a nice weekend!

Great feedback, thanks!

Personally i must say that theatre and technology are not connected at all. When i say technology, i'm refering to mobile devices, internet, and so on. What i most admire from theatres are that we are there, live, laughing, crying, receiving all those emotions in front of the actors, and for a second we forget everything and we feel ourselves inside of the history. There's no intermediary elements. The surprise element is the key to a good theatre. Who am i to be against the jury, but i still believe that guerrila activities or street theatre make more "permanent marks" than mobile devices do, even if its only visible by a small group of people. All the magic will disappear.

Ich hoffe auf ein ergiebiges Monitoring... Fast schon unterhaltsam, wie in den letzten Stunden hier gebashed wird!

Von Platz 5 auf Platz 19 am letzten Tag vom Voting... :-(

That´s live........... ;-)

THANKS for the monitoring, wow. I really got bashed hard... :-)

the wait during the monitoring process is always the hardest part of all contests :) fingers crossed ...

Congrats to the winners....... ;-)

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners, and also to participants!!!

Will there be some sold ideas as well? Would be awesome to see some of our ideas in practical use!

Hi Markus,

im Sommer ist eine Vollversammlung der Intendanten wo über das weitere Vorgehen und den Kauf von Ideen gesprochen wird. ;-)