guerilla theatre
the whole world is a playhouse


to reach the peoples mind the theatre has to go to them whenever and whereever they are...

Actors have to go to the street, go on the radio, go on tv, go on the internet, everywhere...

they are acting like a guerilla task force.
appear suddenly - play a scene or a play - disapear fast

It is possible to sepperate the play into scenes in different places or and in different medias.

If you are interested in a play, you can install an app, which informs you about the next steps and about other plays. You can also take part on the scene, the app tell you what to do.

It could be free for all spectators.

You can  earn money if you overlay some advertisments in the app, so it is for the "spectators" completely free. but for that the app has to be popular.

otherwise you can play scenes in different shops and get money from these shops, becouse you make this shop also popular with your show and attrack people in these shops.