Immersive theater
Markerless seamless augmented reality tech such as Sony SmartAR will revolutionize live theater.


Immersive theater, where live actors interact with cg characters, props and environments is definitely the future, and due to recent advances in augmented reality technology the future is now.

Problem: People don't go to plays due to lack of stunning visuals which they have become accustomed to in film and games.

Solution: Augmented Reality, the marriage of the physical and virtual worlds, is finally coming into it's own with amazing new technologies such as:

Sony smartAR video: (minutes 4:00 to 5:30 especially interesting)

Audience members can use their smartphones or Ipads to view AR theater, but ideally they'd be provided with the upcoming Google AR glasses:

Value is in giving audience a unique interactive experience they can't get anywhere else.

Marketing and Publicity:

AR billboards throughout the city will give people a sample of AR theater.
Aurasma AR billboards: