Got it? So use it!
Be a part of your Theater! Switch of Phone? NO!


Today everyone got a tablet or a Smartphone.
It is normaly to turn it of durring an theater audience!

This time we say NO!

People let your phones turned on and be part of your theater.
You get more possibilities to become theaters more interactive....

- What also happens? problem....get alternatives as livestream...
- You are a part of the theater...Juliet shouldn't die? Problem..Vote
- Improvised shouting...just write it...and they will act...
- more ideas Following...
- You wanna feel like's easy... take his point of view.....
- Be an actor?....No problem book your role before play.....

So I got less time at the moment I add you the english description of my projekt here ->

Picture 1 - Title
- only the title...

Picture 2 - alternative Wege - alternative ways
You can see the voting utitlity of your App to become alternative possibilities
durring the acting. Maybe no stageplay will be the same. Vote for other storylines and be a part.

Picture 3 - improvisiertes Theater - improvised theater
You can see other's comments and add your personal wish for playing. The actors will do. So enjoy the stage play!

Picture 4 - Handlung in Echtzeit - realtime action
You watch and listen the theater and wan't to know where "Romeo" goes to?
No Problem with the videostream. You get alternative action away from the stage and be up to date with the background plot. What can you see? Well, I think, live streams from a second stage or a premade video should perform you an alternative story.

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