to connect theater with theme parties attracted young people


If you want to attract a young audience,you have to think what irritates them most and this are primary events where you can drink, dance and meet new people.

Theme parties are there for a long time, but the idea to combine this with theater performances is new. If you give the visitors the opportunity to choose the theme of the party and the next play by themselves you can get more interest.

I imagine it like this:
The user selects in the app (Figure 1 to 3) either party theme as well as his favorite play, and the most selected topic /play will be performed a whole month. On one or several weekends, you can organize an after-show party. Either in a club or in a separate location. Maybe you can "move" with the whole performance from university to university, particularly to address and enthusiasm students who meet the so-called age group most likely (18-30 years), for the theater.

If you are able to realize this "moving", I would advise to invest in a larger LCD panel and good lighting, so you can save yourself the stage more or less (see Batman Live <-- very popular with the younger audience).

The plays, you can choose from correspond always the topic of the party the user chose before (see, eg, presentation 1-3). Potentially you can also make the parties regardless of the visit to the theater, but theater-goers to offer certain benefits.

However it is important, that the party gets famous and the theater takes advantage of it! For too many young people the theater is a dusty room filled with rows of uncomfortable chairs and boring dialogues. This image may not be so easily overcome, but you can change it gradually.
Promotion through flyers and posters are self-evident. ;)

Sorry for my bad English... hope you understood everything. :-/

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