audio - video
theatre lives of language and action, hearing and watching


short scenes will be recorded
- only the action, without sound, to watch
- only sound, to hear, without action
These records of actual plays you can download from the website of the theatre
So to make curios to see the whole plot of the stage play in word and action and at the end the dates will appear with a link to order tickets

for advertising in larger context the spots can be shown on local radio(audio) or local TV (video)
advertising screens in public transport and stations where a lot of students and young people assemble every day
Theatre can rent this for a certain period; these screens become very popular, even the railwaystation in my small town have this now...!

Could be done with every theatre play!

Updates  show a real example of a video-version and a audio-version...
(material from a amateur theatre I´m a passive member of)

Update audio version, only example to show how this can work,
(sorry about quality and my bavarian tone of language, I can´t get rid of...)
Theatre play is "Ladies night", in german "Ganz oder gar nicht"

Update video version "route 66" a mixture between theatre and show, written and choreographed by Ensemble TAM-Ost Rosenheim

Hope you enjoy and get curious to theatre as a live act for the senses

photos internet and rights to TAM Ost Rosenheim- only for showing concept
demoversion "aqua soft"

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