Art Alive



Feel, Listen, Peek, Smell and Taste... art! 

Imagine that you have the opportunity to 'feel' a bit of the play before you actually see it at the theatre. 

The theatre companies will promote their plays through several Art Alive Insttalations, strategically placed in the city streets, weeks before the premiere. Considering that the aim is to get young people to theatre, these instalations should mainly placed near schools, universities, etc.

Trough the Art Alive Insttalations anyone can experience and feel the play theme in advance. Imagine a wall where you have 5 devices, each one corresponding to the 5 senses, where you can actually get to Feel, Listen, Peek, Smell, Taste a bit of the play. 

Feel' in the wall there's a  hole where you can put your hand and touch a small part of the scenery or costume or some other material related to the theme.

Listen' with the headphones you'll listen to an extract of the play

Peek' through two small holes you can peek and watch a little piece of the play  (there's no sound) 

Smell' the wall also have little holes, through which you can smell a particular odor related to one of the characters  for example

Taste' finally, pulling a button you'll receive a candy, for instance, with a particular taste concerning the play theme.


After experience all five senses people will finally understand what this is all about. They will find QR Code to link the page information about the play (synopsis, company, opening data, etc.) and the challenge, where they are asked to express what they felt with these experience and what the play theme means to them. 

The way people express themselves it's up to them! They can sing, dance, write, act, draw, etc... They can submit their art feeling expression in loco, using a QR code to access information or they can do it later, submitting online at the company's website.

The art expressions will be voted by the online public each week before the theatre play premiere. In each week is chosen the best week art expression, the week winner will win a ticket to attend the play. The best art expression of the all challenge will be announced at the premier and will get the opportunity to dinner with the company actors. 

The best art alive expressions, will be projected before the play starts.

With the support of the City Hall, this Art Installation walls can be permanent walls, where theatre, dance, etc, companies can promote their art and their future pieces.