Theater is travelling town, seeking for a natural talent to spice up it's newest play. Do you have the 'spice'?! Then look for the Road Show Trailer and let the talent within step out and be an actor for a day.

1.PROBLEM: Youngsters lack interest for the theatre and don't attend plays?!

2. SOLUTION: So let the theatre go to them

Let's put on the road the Road Show Trailer!! Let's go out in the streets (using the megaphone technique, like the old itinerant theater companies) to promote the new play and challenge young people to experience the art of acting for a day.Let's park the Trailer near Schools and Universities, pull out the mini stage and gather young people around.

The 'actor' must be someone from the audience gathered and the challenge is to improvise one scene of the company's play. The scene and the character is picked by the audience. The rest it's up to the young 'actor' and to his ability to improvise!

At the end of the day, the best day actor is chosen by the audiance to participate on the 'best day actor online challenge'.

The performance will be submited online, at company website, to be voted by the online public. The best actor chosen will perform his scene at the end of the permiere or will follow up the company backstage work for a day.

The Best Funny Moment

This contest is all about choosing the best moments captured by the audiance during the trailer performences. These moments must be an individual perspective from the performance, it must be the audiance personal point of view. Anyone that wish to participate, just have to submit the funny moment online at the company's website.

The winner of this chalange, chosen by the online public, will receive a ticket to attend the play.

3. VALUE: The concept of the Road Show Trailer is to aproach young people in their own environment and allow them to experience the art of performing. The aim is to rouse in young people minds the importance of culture and implement on them the taste for the theatre.

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