a la (c)arte
if you don´t go to the theatre, theatre is coming to you!


private people are able to book a special performance happening in their private home.
not eventually a complete theatre piece, let´s call it an appetizer.
companies are given a taste of their play.
a booking site has to be created, companies/theatres have to be interested & willed in doing such a unique public rehearsal (as far as i know they are - at a certain point of developed work)
the so created individual/personal contact creates further effects, interest, contact, potential costumers for the piece, etc.

here is how you could organize it:
like in a good pizza-service-ordering-system (lieferheld, lieferando, etc.) people use an online-portal where they can see which theatres are in the near, what these theatres play at the moment & upcoming plays, how muchit costs to invite for a "private" show, etc.
you can book several categories: the appetizer, normal play, the big show, a special category..